Hi i'm Tia and I live in Sweden.

I have travelled extensively, having visited 31 different countries. I now feel it is time to set down my roots and as I have always had a love of Scandinavia, Sweden seems the perfect location.

I am an Author, having published four non-fiction books. My books are based on esoteric subjects, anthropology and psychology, although I am currently working on my first fiction book.

I am also a professional photographer/video maker, artist/graphic/web designer, psychologist, perfumer, philosopher and Gnostic Bishop. The occult and esoteric are my main subjects of interest as well as psychology, anthropology and etymology.

I enjoy ceremony and other spiritual pursuits that involve connecting to our beautiful Mother Earth, the Universe and genetic memories. I also enjoy crafts such as drawing, knitting, incense making, jewellery making and all kinds of other crafty things. I enjoy meeting new people and gaining new skills and experiences.

I love being surrounded by nature and wildlife, swimming or just being in water in general. Books make me happy and learning, knowledge is a drug to me. I enjoy conversing with people who can teach me things. I like seeing new places and doing things that challenge me. I have tried flying helicopters and gliders, been in a hot air balloon and all kinds. Love computers and robots. Sci-fi films are good too.